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Cover art for Kumasagi Part 4: Sindhupat

New Release!

Kumasagi, Part 4: Sindhupat

Asta travels to Sindhupat Island, hoping to meet a spiritual master who will help her overcome her difficulties with the mystic arts. The island, however, reveals a deeper purpose when Asta begins to have disturbing visions from Najat's childhood there.

Warned by Najat’s memories, Asta learns that the island’s most famous denizen, Delan Gampoban, is not the man that songs and stories of legend would have him seem. With the island’s sacred grotto in ruins, Asta follows the clues to how the grotto might be restored—putting her on a collision course with the man who tormented Najat for years.

In Shakti Lake City, Najat still holds a portion of Asta’s kana, which may be the key to bringing forth new life from the island's destin cove. Najat and Asta's connection allows them to work together across the distance ... but soon they may be forced to give up their bond forever.

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A mystical fantasy saga set in a world far from ours...

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